Work Life Balance

Want to know about how a corporate professional can balance between time allocated for work and time for other aspects of life?  Meet Wajahat and Bilal, NVP volunteers who created a great example of Work-Life balance for all job-oriented persons.

Bilal and Wajahat are corporate professionals and due to official commitment they could not afford to come on Saturdays to attend orientation session. As Petroleum Engineers, Bilal works at ENI as a Project Trainee while Mohammad Wajahat works at InterMark as Sales Engineer. Looking at their commitment level we discussed different options to ensure they could get a chance to sign off forms and submit credentials, as the process is essential for any individual who wants to work as a volunteer.


Both friends drove to NVP office after workhours one evening, and sought a discussion with NVP team to reach a volunteer opportunity of their choice. We signed them up for Robin Hood Army campaign and currently they are serving graciously!

A best example of COMPASSION IN ACTION

is volunteering your time!

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