V-03 Creating an Impact – Farhan Awan

 Personal & Professional Development

I worked at DoctHERs as a finance officer; my role was to basically take care of the audit work, since a lot of the funding is from USaid and other agencies, so they need an audited record of where the funding is being utilized. My experience with them was in two parts, the first one was relevant to my qualification and some professional development. The other part was being part of a team which is making a significant progress in providing quality, accessible healthcare to the marginalized communities. Since not everyone can afford quality healthcare, I think this is a very noble cause. It allows us volunteers to pay back and help our community.

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I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to learn and grow with the hardworking staff of DoctHers, I learned a great deal about the finance function under the supervision of the finance manager, Mr.Sarfaraz, who was very cooperative and supportive throughout my term. Not only did I grow as a professional, I got the opportunity to observe and become familiar with the culture of a start-up which is well on its way to success. I would like to specially thank Makkiya Jawed and Mr. Sarfaraz for their support throughout my internship. It was a joy working and spending time with Dr.Sara, Dr.Iffat, Mehak, Zohaib, Adil, Asif and Khalid bhai. I will InshaAllah stay in touch.

Farhan Awan – Volunteer Finance Officer at DoctHERs