Register with us by filling out the relevant form below. This will enable us to make an ideal match amongst our three key stakeholders. Organizations in the corporate sector will need to register and fill out the organizational profile to develop an online profile and volunteer their employees. The nongovernmental organization or not for profit organization can fill in the beneficiary institution form to develop an online profile by filling out the beneficiary institution forms. A volunteer can develop an online profile by filling the Volunteer form. This will enable us to match the volunteer skills and interest to the beneficiary institution needs.


Beneficiary Institute


The National Volunteer Programme connects the volunteers, beneficiary institutions and corporate organizations in a way which provides benefits to all. In order to get the most out of this programme, we suggest you read the guidelines and FAQs after registering. For further questions and guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.1. …

1. Guidelines for BENEFICIARY INSTITUTIONS file_extension_pdf

2. Guidelines for VOLUNTEERS file_extension_pdf