NVP Begins Placements!

First batch of Volunteers ready to assist! 

The first ever NVP Volunteer Orientation took place on Saturday, 26th March 2016. Baring a few, almost all of the invited registered volunteers were able to attend and it was an absolute delight meeting them all. The main purpose of the Orientation was to introduce our volunteers to the basic Code of Conduct of required of them as well as to discuss their respective placement within our registered Beneficiary Institutions.

IMG_3348          IMG_3351

The Orientation began with a small but engaging presentation which explained in detail the Volunteer Code of Conduct as well as their rights and obligation within the Beneficiary Institutions. A small activity was also conducted in the midst where all the participants got the chance to share their respective views regarding volunteering, its necessities and the acquired benefits. It was a joy to witness the passion and enthusiasm our volunteers feel on helping the institutions that work tirelessly for the improvement of Pakistan.

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The volunteers invited were from diverse backgrounds: architects, doctors, teachers, business trainers and consultants, etc. Their effective placements within our registered Beneficiary Institutions – decided via our state of the art match making NVP Portal – was a source of great excitement for us all! This experience gave us first-hand knowledge about the commitment of our volunteers to their respective causes and we sincerely thank them all for their support and passion. NVP would not be possible without their continuous interest.

Meanwhile, as more BI’s continue to register, many more volunteers will be required in the near future. The details of our upcoming programmes will be posted soon so stay tuned to our Portal for further updates! In the meantime, keep spreading the word and keep volunteering!

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