How Internship experience helps in writing thesis?

Misbah-Ur-Rahman is a BBA qualified from Sindh Madressa-tul-Islam University (SMIU) with his majors in Finance. He plans to go for Masters in Finance & Investment from Karachi University Business School (KUBS).

Misbah joined us at Street To School as Internee. In a discussion with Misbah, he mentioned about how he got motivated to work for a community institution?

“At the final semester of my course, I got guidance from my mentor, that I should spend time to learn and relearn more about my subject – Accounting and Finance, and I should engage myself to a kind of community service as it gives more freedom of doing work and leading projects. Further my mentor said that since I was going through an age where I need to strengthen my knowledge base so I need to work as a volunteer, this would help me tremendously to develop my own portfolio, before I go to apply for a job!

Misbah expressed his pleasure while working as a Finance Associate at Street to School. He not only did the compilation of financial data but got opportunity to reconcile records and develop financial reports.

Internship at STS gave him hands-on experience to learn about financial model applied in Education sector. Misbah learnt and applied this learning into thesis of his study programme.

As mentioned by Misbah about the topic of thesis he was given: ‘Impact of Compensation/Financial performance on non-profit organizations’ donation’. This internship project let him study a financial model of not-for-profit sector. The work is directly related to his thesis requirements. The research work is all he did by gathering and compiling financial information of Street To School.

“Now I am ready to produce a project-report based on the rich experience I gained during Internship at STS.”


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