Information for the FAQs section of the Portal

1. What is the ‘National Volunteer Program’ NVP?

The NationalVolunteer Programme (NVP) is a technology-based initiative launched by TBL – Triple Bottom-Line, a sustainability platform. This is the first time in Pakistan where we have established a structured program for the growth of Volunteerism.

2. What is the aim of National Volunteer Program?

The program aims to place corporate professionals and other volunteers within Beneficiary Institution where they are most needed, and where their specific skills and personal interests will be perfectly matched with the needs of Beneficiary Institutions. National Volunteer Program is a formal process and a specialized platform bringing together and benefiting both institutions and individuals. NVP aims to remove existing barriers to Volunteering and thus provide benefit to all stakeholders – the beneficiary institutions, the volunteers and their employer companies.

3. How does theprogram work?

The Programme will match the specific skills and interests of Volunteers with the needs of beneficiary institutions, through patented customized software and a dedicated portal.NVP’s specialized portal is based on 2 databases, which will be consistently updated. These databases are created to record relevant details of both Volunteers and the Beneficiary Institutions required, for the optimum matching function.

4. How will your services be acknowledged / recognized?

At the completion of service by a Volunteer, TBL will provide a Certificate of Participation to the Volunteer. In addition, an appraisal report of the Volunteer will be developed at TBL based on the feedback of beneficiary institution, which shall be handed over to the respective employer.

5. Does the program offer any grading scale or recognition of outstanding participation for an individual?

TBL recognizes the continuous participation of a Volunteer. NVP program has a grading scale of Silver, Gold and Platinum award/certificate on the bases of service hours served at the Beneficiary Institution.

6. Will I get to serve at Beneficiary Institution of my interest/choice?

NVP software and portal will match the specific skills and interests of volunteers with the needs of beneficiary institutions. For example a Volunteer with an IT skill and expertise will be assigned in imparting IT knowledge or providing IT support to Beneficiary Institutions. Personal preference, to a predominant degree, will play a vital role of course.

7. Is there a necessary criterion of working for particular time/hoursduring a week or a month?

Every individual Volunteer will be requested to participate/work for a minimum of 12 hours per month (excluding travel time), for a period of at-least eight weeks. This will help beneficiary institutions with sufficient availability of human resources in fulfilling their required objectives.

8. What skills do I need to know before joining the program?

An individual should be well equipped with the skill-set of their area of expertise and interest. As a necessary processing requirement they must attend a training orientation at TBL, before serving at the assigned Beneficiary Institution.

9. Would there be any MOU / agreement to be signed by an individual?

Yes, TBL as an intermediary organization needs to have a general MoU signed by TBL and Volunteer. The purpose of MoU is to uphold the values and integrity of the Beneficiary Institution and the rights of the Volunteer. The MoU is set to assure also in exercising general code of conduct by the Volunteers while serving at the Beneficiary Institution.

10. What are the individual benefits of being part of this program?

  1. Volunteering improves various skills – leadership, planning, time management, report writing, problem-solving, financial management, project management, public dealing.
  2. It sensitizes employees about community needs and societal issues. It creates sense of achievement.
  3. It provides an avenue of spiritual satisfaction – from helping the under-privileged and marginalized in society.
  4. It builds self-confidence and boosts loyalty withinthe company.
  5. Research has found that employees who volunteer through their workplace reported to improved physical and emotional health.
  6. The specific benefits can include reduced obesity, reduced stress, increased levels of activity, a more positive emotional state and higher levels of overall satisfaction with life.

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11. Does TBL provide transport facility to volunteer for commuting to/from Beneficiary Institution?

TBL does not offer transportation facility to Volunteers; however the software is designed to match for the short and medium distant NGOs within the vicinity of an Individual, to make it convenience and time-saving for individual Volunteer.

12. How is this program being funded?

National Volunteer Program is an automated and self-sustainable project of TBL, initially funded by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation. We envisage extending the funding channels of supporters to other business entities.

13. How did the need of this program arise?

Research indicatedthat Corporatevolunteerism is highly beneficial for all 3 stakeholders – the Company, the Volunteer and the Beneficiary Institution. The Mission of the National Volunteer Programme (NVP) is “To be a positive change-agent in society, by providing a structured platform for all people wishing to volunteer their time for socio-economic uplift, and placing such volunteers into those beneficiary institutions which can benefit the most from the volunteers’ particular skills and capabilities.”

14. What are the progressive stages of this program?

National Volunteer Program is to be developed and executed in three stages. In the first phase TBL’s focus would be on signing-on Volunteers from the Corporate sector, with the full support of their respective employer-companies. Then later NVP will take on volunteers from the student community, and eventually, it will be opened up to volunteers from general public.

15. What is the geographic scope and outreach of this program within Pakistan?

The NVP is a planned, ongoing and a long-term project. The program is being commenced from Karachi and later to expend it to the other cities and towns of Pakistan.

16. Can I choose to serve at the Beneficiary Institution of my choice w.r.t. my skills / area of interest?

TBL recognizes the endless possibilities of what corporate volunteers can do. For example volunteers can:

  • Teach young children in schools in low-income areas
  • Help in taking care of the aged in old peoples’ homes
  • Impart technical skills to youth in the community thus helping them earn livelihoods
  • Teach accounting and book keeping to help local communities set up small businesses.

17. What is the procedure / How can I participate in the program as a Volunteer?

Becoming a part of our programme is defined in simple steps. A Volunteer will:

  1. Create a Volunteer profile on TBL’s website.
  2. A customized software will create a match with the relevant beneficiary institutions
  3. Your company commits to sending volunteer employees
  4. Volunteer orientation
  5. Volunteer period commences
  6. Volunteer period concludes
  7. TBL awards a certificate of achievement to the Volunteers and presents a Volunteer Performance Report to the employer company.

18. For the Beneficiary Institutions, How NVP will manage the Volunteer Process?5stages

The NVP Programme Cycle for Beneficiary Institutions has five key defined stages for programme management. This will streamline the entire volunteer management process for the Beneficiary Institution:

  1. Engage: Agree to be a part of the NVP and identify a volunteer supervisor
  2. Plan: Create a Volunteer management plan including job descriptions
  3. Recruitment: NVP will recruit volunteers through matching
  4. Orientation and Training: Volunteer supervisor orientates the volunteers and the volunteer starts working
  5. Recognize Volunteers and Assess Programme: Fill out Volunteer Appraisal form, provide feedback to TBL and recognize volunteers for their work at the end of volunteering period

19. What if a task does not require minimum 12 hours a month, e.g. a nominal IT service based on project requirement?

TBL believes that a minimum cycle of 12-hours a month is standardized and is necessary to attain the desired operational targets and objectives for the Beneficiary Institution. For the cases where a Beneficiary institution requires services less than 12 hours, the relevant Volunteer’s time would then be merged with the next available opportunity for grading and certification.

20. What if I face any difficulty in performing services due to interpersonal challenges or working environment?

TBL gives high respect to each Volunteer serving at the Beneficiary Institution; it also endorses sanctity of a Charity / Beneficiary institution. Every individual would be going through orientation training at TBL, before serving as a Volunteer, where all these areas will be duly addressed.We provide volunteers with program orientation training to start with, and then monitor the progress accordingly, so to assure delivering optimistic services.

21. What are the service charges to be part of this program?

For Corporate Employees: TBL offer the program to the Corporate Companies with a one-time registration fee and a minimal orientation cost per employee. There is no fee chargeable to an individual Employee. Information provided within. For an Individual: TBL has plans to broaden the program from Corporate to academic portfolio and then to the general public, soon in the coming months.

22. Does National Volunteer Programme directly offer (or facilitate) any paid opportunity for the registered volunteers?

National Volunteer Programme does not offer any paid activity for the registered Volunteers, these opportunities are available purely on a voluntary basis. This programme serves entirely for the development and socio economic uplift of Civil society organizations & Charity institutions.