Developing a culture of volunteerism

At some point in our lives, most of us experience an idea or a project floating in our minds and I refer to it as floating because it is suspended and fluctuating striking from time to time due to some questions that hold us back from taking an initiative. For instance: Will this project be Profitable? Will I be able to pay monetary rewards to the people who contribute to the project? When you take astray the idea of monetizing, your project at that moment becomes a volunteer project. The first and foremost thing, before everything else, is to step up and take the initiative in order to make that volunteerism project happen. The core element in this initiative has to communicate and share your IDEA to the people around you. Let people see what is it inside your head that you are so passionate about and while you do it, you are going to find like-minded people who share the similar excitement and might be able to take your project to the higher level. And before you realize it, you will be consumed in actually planning and launching that project. Once it is done, SHARE your KNOWLEDGE. Every individual that you come across regardless of their backgrounds have some valuable information that you can learn from and vice versa.

It can vary from tiny little daily life hacks to something much bigger. The third step is to SHARE your EXPERIENCE imagine yourself volunteering with a diverse group of individuals and in the process you get yourself equipped with a skill, through their experience, which helps make a difference in your daily life. Similarly you could be doing the same in someone else’s life through your experience and that too without dedicating ourselves to its study or taking up a new profession. Realize the magnitude of that impact, how the world is getting better and you are an agent to that. Comes the turn for the most important aspect, Share your PASSION. When you start a project, when you do something that matters to you, you need to be passionate about it, you need to show that excitement because if nothing else, passion is extremely contagious. It will inspire the people around you, incite that energy in them that gets things done, resultantly providing a flight to your project. The last thing that I feel you need to SHARE IS the answer to the question, WHY DO PEOPLE VOLUNTEER? There are two aspects to the answer. First is, it holds intrinsic values in it to provide you that internal motivation and a satisfaction in terms of spirituality. Second is that, it is a fun. You learn a great deal, meet diverse individuals, your networking improves and your skill set is enhanced. It is a win-win and signifies something bigger in this commercialized society. In the end, I would urge you to think about that idea you had once for the project and consider it for a while. Implement these five things that you can share in that idea and imagine what it can do for you as a person and how it can change the people that might get involved and how it can contribute to your community and how it can change your world.

The Article is written by Arslan Ahmed, Editor Newsletter – NVP

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