Partner Institutions


Nos. BIs Registered Portfolios
1 ARTEL Arts and culture
2 Basic Needs Pakistan Special educational needs
3 Behbud Association (School-1) Education and literacy
4 Bint-e-Fatima Old home Trust Senior Citizens Care
5 Citizen Social Welfare Trust Community development
6 Dewa Academy Care of the disabled
7 First Hand Foundation Community development
8 Healthcare Rahbar Healthcare
9 Hisaar Foundation Environmental protection
10 Imkaan welfare organization Care of children (including orphans)
11 Indus Earth Trust Livelihood development
12 Injaz Pakistan Livelihood development
13 Jugno Welfare Association Education and literacy
14 Justuju Welfare Organization Education and literacy
15 Karachi United Football foundation Sports and physical fitness
16 Karachi Vocational Training Center Livelihood development
17 Kiran Foundation Education and literacy
18 Madawa Welfare Society Special educational needs
19 Network of Organizations Working with Peoples with Disabilities, Pakistan Care of the disabled
20 Open for Everyone Welfare Organization Education and literacy
21 Raana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony Livelihood development
22 Robin Hood Army Community development
23 Sehat Kahani Healthcare
24 Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children Special educational needs
25 SOS Technical Training Institute Livelihood development
26 Special Olympics Pakistan Sports and physical fitness
27 Strategy to Empower People Community development
28 Street to School Education and literacy
29 The Citizen Foundation Education and literacy
30 The Garage School Education and literacy
31 The Hunar Foundation Livelihood development
32 The Liver Foundation Healthcare
33 The School of Writing Youth Development
34 The Young Patriots Welfare School Education and literacy
35 TOS Pakistan Education and literacy
36 Trust for Development Studies & Practices Livelihood development
37 War Against Rape Advocacy and human rights
38 Zindagi Trust – KPS Education and literacy
39 Zindagi Trust – SMB Education and literacy
40 Aghaz School Education and literacy
41 Learning Hands Rehabilitation Centre Special education needs
42 SAHEE (Society for Advancement of Health, Education and the Environment) Community development


The National Volunteer Programme (NVP) presents a way of connecting the human resources needs of a charity nongovernmental institution or a not for profit – the beneficiary institutions, and the skills and interests of the volunteers who would like to make a difference, and companies interested in volunteering their employees for a particular cause.

Institutions often have multiple and diverse needs – in administration, human resources management, training employees, teaching beneficiaries, fundraising, website maintenance etc. All of these needs require a professional skill set which can be difficult to afford with a limited budget which has a primary objective to cater to beneficiaries and communities.

Our programmes represent the volunteer opportunities available in various beneficiary institutions which have signed on to the National Volunteer Programme. The beneficiary institutions have been divided into different categories depending on the type of work performed by the beneficiary institution.

NVP offers clear benefits to all involved – the volunteer, the company and the community. The benefits can be varied and by no means exhaustive.

1. Brings in much required professional assistance at no cost
2. Increases the publicity of your as volunteers tell others about your institution
3. Promotes self-help awareness as communities take greater pride in their own development
4. Provides emotional support to those in need but with no options
5. Builds capacity of your organization and can also develop the required skills
6. Brings diverse groups in a community closer together through greater internal interaction, networking and respect
7. Gives self-respect to the marginalized in society
8. There is a clear potential for scaling up operations

Corporate Volunteerism in Action

 Corporate Employees Make Time For Volunteering

National Volunteer Programme’s partner institution, The Citizens Foundation, announced their 25th Rahbar Programme in the month of April, for which NVP assigned 8 dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers as Mentors for the programme. Many NVP volunteers that took part in the Rahbar Mentorship Programme were from various corporate organizations such as Caltrols Pakistan Co., Systek Private Limited, Pakistan Engineering Council, and Consulate General Republic of Indonesia in Karachi etc. We are grateful to Hanesh Kumar, Bharat Kumar, Muhammad Kamran, Naveed Ahmed, Abdul Wahid, Muhammad Sumair, Barkha Aslam and Ghulam Murtaza, for taking out the time from their busy office schedules to mentor and transform the lives of the young children at The Citizens Foundation. Their commitment towards serving others has truly been an inspiration and we hope to see many more like-minded and dedicated individuals volunteer for this cause.


“There is absolutely nothing as great as making a positive change in someone’s life. I was touched by the warm hearts and big dreams of kids at TCF. I’m glad and Thankful to NVP for giving me this chance to give back to the world in a meaningful way” – V#469-3/17 Barkha Aslam (Staff Social & Culture at The Consulate General Republic of Indonesia in Karachi)

In Conversation with Muhammad Arslan – Star Volunteer

NVP Star Volunteer 2017 – Muhammad Arslan


What inspired you to become a volunteer in the first place?

Because I felt that change starts from an individual who should contribute towards the development of society. Being a small part of society, we always imagine about the sudden change in our Society/Country/World but if every person devotes his/her time and effort for development, we will definitely bring about change.

Would you like to share any moment or story about your experience at the Robin Hood Army?

The experience at Robin Hood Army was superb as I was mainly involved in door to door distribution and crowd control. Every distribution left me with satisfaction and new experiences on my mind. On 13th of August, we went for distribution at Musharraf colony to distribute food for around 2400 people. I was assigned supply chain role where I had to look after the food as well as coordination with the Robin Hood Team on the way to Musharraf Colony. Further, I was also engaged in managing and packet distribution at the area. In a nutshell, every distribution brought about different learning experiences and made me want to remain a part of The Robin Hood Army.

How has your experience been, volunteering through the NVP? Were you able to volunteer at an institution of your choice?  Was it useful and easy to understand?

Yes, NVP has strong linkage with the management of various NGOs which enables an individual to take the task of his/her own choice    


How did you manage your work and still find the time to volunteer?

I used to manage my task according to the priorities and as my weekend is off thus the best way to utilize the idle time is devote your efforts and change and prosperity.

 What motivated you to keep volunteering at the institution?

Volunteering is an ongoing process; it gives me the satisfaction that I am a part of a well-known international organization which serves for the eradication of food shortage in the country.

 What message would you like to convey to those who are interested in volunteer through NVP.  Is there anything you would like to change about this programme?

No, everything was perfect, your communications with volunteers are unmatched and I will also recommend other individuals to contribute your time and effort through NVP.

Muhammad Arslan is associated with a brokerage firm as a Research Analyst.  Arsalan served at the TCF Rahbar Programme as a mentor and then at Robin Hood Army as a Coordinator for food distribution/storage. Later he was also among career counselors in the Rana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony Youth Career Programme. He has currently expressed his availability for a new volunteer opportunity.