Developing a culture of volunteerism

At some point in our lives, most of us experience an idea or a project floating in our minds and I refer to it as floating because it is suspended and fluctuating striking from time to time due to some questions that hold us back from taking an initiative. For instance: Will this project be Profitable? Will I be able to pay monetary rewards to the people who contribute to the project? When you take astray the idea of monetizing, your project at that moment becomes a volunteer project. The first and foremost thing, before everything else, is to step up and take the initiative in order to make that volunteerism project happen. The core element in this initiative has to communicate and share your IDEA to the people around you. Let people see what is it inside your head that you are so passionate about and while you do it, you are going to find like-minded people who share the similar excitement and might be able to take your project to the higher level. And before you realize it, you will be consumed in actually planning and launching that project. Once it is done, SHARE your KNOWLEDGE. Every individual that you come across regardless of their backgrounds have some valuable information that you can learn from and vice versa.

It can vary from tiny little daily life hacks to something much bigger. The third step is to SHARE your EXPERIENCE imagine yourself volunteering with a diverse group of individuals and in the process you get yourself equipped with a skill, through their experience, which helps make a difference in your daily life. Similarly you could be doing the same in someone else’s life through your experience and that too without dedicating ourselves to its study or taking up a new profession. Realize the magnitude of that impact, how the world is getting better and you are an agent to that. Comes the turn for the most important aspect, Share your PASSION. When you start a project, when you do something that matters to you, you need to be passionate about it, you need to show that excitement because if nothing else, passion is extremely contagious. It will inspire the people around you, incite that energy in them that gets things done, resultantly providing a flight to your project. The last thing that I feel you need to SHARE IS the answer to the question, WHY DO PEOPLE VOLUNTEER? There are two aspects to the answer. First is, it holds intrinsic values in it to provide you that internal motivation and a satisfaction in terms of spirituality. Second is that, it is a fun. You learn a great deal, meet diverse individuals, your networking improves and your skill set is enhanced. It is a win-win and signifies something bigger in this commercialized society. In the end, I would urge you to think about that idea you had once for the project and consider it for a while. Implement these five things that you can share in that idea and imagine what it can do for you as a person and how it can change the people that might get involved and how it can contribute to your community and how it can change your world.

The Article is written by Arslan Ahmed, Editor Newsletter – NVP

Can’t Volunteer because of hectic schedules on weekdays? Don’t worry! Robin Hood Army has got your back.

Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants across to the less fortunate people. The campaign started in August 2014 from Delhi and has now reached to more than 10 countries across the globe.

The Robin Hood Army carries its food drive on every Sunday, which is great! As it provides opportunity for all those who aspire to serve community and get connected with the less fortunate, but are tied up by their hectic schedules on weekdays.

The group of young, highly motivated and disciplined people makes up the RHA Team.

They visit Orphanages, Slums Areas, and Hospitals. Once they are there, the team assemble children in the vicinity, interact with them and play games with them. The food is served in highly dignified manner, assuring the beneficiaries that there is enough for everyone and discipline has to be maintained in order to enjoy the food. Proper arrangements are made for sitting, and serving.

Recently they announced ‘ROBIN OF THE WEEK’ award, where we noticed the name of NVP volunteer Noman Ghauri.

Noman is a Corporate professional associated with A.F. Ferguson & Co as Tax Assistant. Being an Employee, the only spare time he has is on weekends which he graciously spends volunteering and that is highly commendable.

Volunteering with RHA is a fulfilling experience in terms of having internal satisfaction that is derived out of serving the deprived. It also reminds us that how fortunate we are and we must not take anything for granted. It is a noble cause which adds to your learning in terms of team building, event management and enhances your leadership skills. RHA’s Karachi team says that they are only 2,493 smiles away from serving 200,000 people. NVP is proud of having RHA on board as partner institution.

NVP Newsletter – Issue 19

Greetings to you all!

With great pleasure, we present to you all the 19th Issue of NVP Newsletter!

Newsletter 19th Edition

Read for yourself how volunteers are making our society a better place and seeking internal satisfaction at the same time.

As always, your comments, suggestions, and contributions are most welcome. Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

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Introducing Haseef Sachwani, Mehar Ali, and Mazhar Manasiya, students of Computer Science at Reputable Universities. These young boys got acquainted with National Volunteer Programme a couple of months ago, witnessing their enthusiasm to volunteer, we connected with them to find out in terms of what moves them, identifying their interests and what do they expect from NVP? We found their interests to be similar and aligned with their academics. Fortunately enough, we had an opportunity at Society for Rehabilitation of Special Children waiting for them. SRSC required volunteers to develop a website for them and as per our routine we assigned the group to the institution. What happened next is interesting.

Haseef, Mehar and Mazhar didn’t know each other, they began volunteering on the same day at SRSC, met there for the first time, and volunteered at similar position. It goes without saying that they had a Volunteer Supervisor who was there to oversee things and direct the group, but these volunteers started interacting with each other and before you know it, they became friends. It was a pleasure for the Supervisor to see the volunteers bonding instantly, saving him the hassle of introduction, he assigned all the three volunteers a similar task of developing a website.

They self-organized themselves as a team. They divided the duties and each one of them was responsible for the task delegated to him. For instance: One of them was to take care of designing and the others were responsible for programming and backup. While the duties were assigned the team didn’t leave any of its member high and dry, they kept coordinating and helped each other when required. Moreover, their interest peeked because the objective was in parallel with their academics. “We had been learning in the classrooms, working at SRSC was the moment we applied that learning practically and it was a great experience”, said Haseef. “We have had times when we got stuck but our Volunteer Supervisor was always there to guide us through”, recalled Mehar. A number of their skills were tested as they worked as a team, a practical application of academic knowledge, and finally also opened up networking opportunities as they developed the website for the institution and the organization was all praises.

Their term had ended by the time their project was ready, they  all had the positive things to say about their time spent at SRSC. They expressed that they would want to volunteer again and build a long term affiliation with National Volunteer Programme. Through its platform they were able to help the community, harness their personal development, grow their network and make lifelong friends. The spirit rejoices with the proud feeling that we can make a difference and play our part in  creating a just society.

Success story of Kiran Foundation from its inception towards transforming the lives of people!

Starting with the expression of how she was delighted witnessing the youth of Karachi being so passionate to serve the society, Musarrat Shaheen, Senior Vice Principal DCTO Campus, continued towards telling the history of Kiran Foundation. Kiran Foundation was founded by Ma’am Sabina Khatri with the mission and vision: to bridge the gap and create a compassionate society, which is very much reflected in the work that they do.


Inspired by an event that she experienced during her career she took on an initiative to open a pre-school in a remote area such as Liyari. Overcoming the odds of how dangerous the area was and the way she was perceived in that area, due to her appearance, Ma’am Sabina stayed resolute to her mission.

The philosophy behind the pre-school initiative was to harness the early childhood development of the first born of the family so that they could become an example to be followed by the rest of the family. With this idea in mind, Kiran School used to enroll 20 children annually from 2006-2013. About 120 students from Liyari who got their basics right are now studying in Mainstream schools of Karachi and few of them are on Full-Bright Scholarships. It is important to mention at this moment, that Ma’am Sabina attends the parent teacher meetings of the children in order to help their uneducated parents keep up with the pace of those mainstream schools.

There are certain pre-requisites for a child to get admission in the Kiran School.

  • The family must be documented that is they must have their proper National Identity Cards, B-Forms, and Birth Certificates.
  • The parents/guardians must not be addicted to Paan, Chaliya and Gutka and should not be indulged in any illegal activity.
  • The family members must prove that they are responsible enough to earn for the household.

These Pre-requisites brought up a tremendous improvement in the overall progress of Liyari. A noticeable number of households started documenting themselves, quit the detrimental eating habits, and started earning for themselves. All for the sake of getting their child a good education through Kiran Foundation. Because these children, they defy a mainstream perception of residents of Liyari and portray a transformative image of the area to the world.

In 2013 Nazir Tunio, Director Akhuwat Foundation, presented a proposal to Ma’am Sabina to expand the number of children that Kiran Foundation takes annually and suggested to adopt government schools. After a series of discussion, it was decided that Kiran Foundation will adopt DCTO School, a huge campus but very poorly managed back then, however, after it was under the care of Kiran Foundation, the school started functioning in a systematic and structured manner. The first year of school was called the healing year, aiming to attract children back to schools who were traumatized by the conditions of Liyari. The success of the healing year could be summed up in these words that the students were not ready to get back to their homes but insisted on staying in school for the longer durations.

The major challenges faced by Kiran Foundation were Number 1, the perception regarding Ma’am Sabina, the locals used to think that she would brain wash their children and will get them distanced. However after a certain period of time, Kiran Foundation was appreciated even by those who were considered unpopular citizens in that locality, at some instances they offered protection to the institutions. Number 2, As Kiran foundation elevated its scale, funding channels seemed to be scarce but her weapon against it was the faith which she learned from a mother of a student she met once who seemed to have unshakeable faith in God. Fortunately, living up to its generous reputation, our nation funded altruistically to Kiran Foundation.

Kiran Foundation had started working with volunteers in the beginning and upon the completion of two years those volunteers were proven to be the building blocks of the institution. The team of Kiran Foundation looks forward to work again with volunteers because, in their own words, volunteers in their energy are unmatchable, there is a spark in their blood flow to get things done and it is something that provides them with an escape from the routine. They have requested interested individuals to come and volunteer with Kiran Foundation to keep making a positive difference.

It is unimaginable how Kiran Foundation has been playing vital role in improving the lives of the people of Liyari, the institution has cured the traumatized, taken on board the entire families with their children under its care and is set to become the first trauma informed school of Pakistan. NVP pays its sincere gratitude to the people who are working with Kiran Foundation and wish them the best of luck for their future endeavors.