Zehra Nayani’s Journey as a Student Conselor

Playing a crucial role in Early Childhood Development

The enriched experience of working with SMB Fatima Jinnah School a project of Zindagi Trust was deeply rooted in the intentions of NVP. From the encouraging staff, flexible schedules, cooperation in all aspects, to the eagerness of students, has connected the chain to attain the possible outcome. It’s an honor to be a part of a child’s growth as they are more vulnerable to stress especially those who lack the basic structure of healthy living. However, habits are best learned in childhood as they are susceptible to change. Sessions for prevention and aiding the onset of stress in approx. 2300  young students of ages 3 to 16 years has been conducted for around 10 weeks by using cognitive and behavioral methods which were formulated according to their level of life span to make them learn strategies to handle normal stress independently before it becomes chronic. The appropriate level of accomplishment was evident when students were willing to control their stress, agreed to follow the methods and shared what had been learned etc. It was truly an inspirational journey and an experience I will never forget.


Warm thanks to NVP and Zindagi Trust for having me for this noble work!

Zehra Nayani, a postgraduate student of the Institute of Professional Psychology and a certified NVP volunteer who was recently awarded by Ms. Shahnaz Hunzai – Project Manager at Zindagi Trust SMB Fatima Jinnah School for her volunteer services as a student counselor at the school

In Conversation with Muhammad Arslan – Star Volunteer

NVP Star Volunteer 2017 – Muhammad Arslan


What inspired you to become a volunteer in the first place?

Because I felt that change starts from an individual who should contribute towards the development of society. Being a small part of society, we always imagine about the sudden change in our Society/Country/World but if every person devotes his/her time and effort for development, we will definitely bring about change.

Would you like to share any moment or story about your experience at the Robin Hood Army?

The experience at Robin Hood Army was superb as I was mainly involved in door to door distribution and crowd control. Every distribution left me with satisfaction and new experiences on my mind. On 13th of August, we went for distribution at Musharraf colony to distribute food for around 2400 people. I was assigned supply chain role where I had to look after the food as well as coordination with the Robin Hood Team on the way to Musharraf Colony. Further, I was also engaged in managing and packet distribution at the area. In a nutshell, every distribution brought about different learning experiences and made me want to remain a part of The Robin Hood Army.

How has your experience been, volunteering through the NVP? Were you able to volunteer at an institution of your choice?  Was it useful and easy to understand?

Yes, NVP has strong linkage with the management of various NGOs which enables an individual to take the task of his/her own choice    


How did you manage your work and still find the time to volunteer?

I used to manage my task according to the priorities and as my weekend is off thus the best way to utilize the idle time is devote your efforts and change and prosperity.

 What motivated you to keep volunteering at the institution?

Volunteering is an ongoing process; it gives me the satisfaction that I am a part of a well-known international organization which serves for the eradication of food shortage in the country.

 What message would you like to convey to those who are interested in volunteer through NVP.  Is there anything you would like to change about this programme?

No, everything was perfect, your communications with volunteers are unmatched and I will also recommend other individuals to contribute your time and effort through NVP.

Muhammad Arslan is associated with a brokerage firm as a Research Analyst.  Arsalan served at the TCF Rahbar Programme as a mentor and then at Robin Hood Army as a Coordinator for food distribution/storage. Later he was also among career counselors in the Rana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony Youth Career Programme. He has currently expressed his availability for a new volunteer opportunity.



NVP announces Summer Volunteer Internship Programme!

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V-04 Creating an Impact – Ali Akhtar

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and a student of Energy Management; as a citizen of Pakistan and as a human being, it is my prime duty to do my utmost for my people. That is why I love to work as a volunteer and wish to leave no stone un-turned to serve my country, Pakistan. It is quite a pleasing moment for me, to be known as an active member of National Volunteer Program (NVP), and to serve my people as a volunteer.

I have had the privilege to volunteer twice – once at The Citizen Foundation (TCF) as a mentor and then later at INJAZ PAKISTAN as a lecturer. My first volunteer experience was a tremendous learning opportunity for me as I was given the task to train the students of grade VIII through a seven Saturdays RAHBAR CYCLE. The program started off with the familiarity, bonding & group activities; the whole scheme of the project went through series of set motions and ingenious activities. From career counseling sessions to cricket games, story narrations to landscape painting, visiting Jumma Himmayati town to touring IBA Karachi, Planting trees in the garden of the school to discussion science projects and from workshops on speaking and communication skills to exam preparations; I will truly remember each and every experience.

   17321602_1265302986893481_1684601528_n 17352641_1265641710192942_910219263_n

As a group of fifteen mentors and 40 students, our job was to inculcate the message of ‘SOCH SAY TAKDEER TAK KA SAFAR’ into the students’ lives. My job as a mentor was to narrate them stories of how ambitions and dreams are achieved, how they are planned and executed, how one can strategically take up all the challenges in life to accomplish ones’ goals potently. My co-mentor, Fahad Azmi and I, were able to carry out the entire program comprehensively through the kind and caring support of our TCF coordinator Salah-ud-din Misbah.

My second experience as a volunteer was at INJAZ Pakistan where I was assigned as a lecturer. My task was to upscale the youth from several institutes and vocational training centers. I had the privilege to attend the Head Start training at Bahria University and KEMAN institute, where I trained students in CV making and writing cover letters as well as how to attend interviews effectively. I am grateful to Ms. Shyma Baig, Coordinator at INJAZ Pakistan, for assisting me throughout my journey as a volunteer.

    17352794_1265659440191169_508145832_n 17321588_1265659123524534_703916797_n

Through my experience as a volunteer I have learned many things, which I would like to communicate amongst my friend circle. I would like to inspire others and encourage others to volunteer as well.

Ali Akhtar – K-electric Employee

The Launch of NVP’s First Lecture Series – The Mental Health Workshop

National Volunteer Programme celebrated World Health Day in collaboration with Zindagi Trust at the SMB Fatimah Jinnah Girls School. The day was proudly celebrated by hosting a Mental Health Workshop, with a theme ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’, on Friday 7th April 2017. The purpose of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for teachers of our registered schools to take part in a discussion on ‘How to Nurture Students’ Mental Health’. Teachers from 11 schools including Rana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony – RLCC, Zindagi Trust (Khatoon-e-Pakistan and SMB Fatima Jinnah Girls School), four campuses of Behbud Association, Justuju Welfare Organization School, Nobel Academy, Habib Public School as well as The Garage School attended and actively participated in the event.

        17883637_1741690512788925_3241572055261956763_n 17883815_1741690429455600_6109124681960243178_n   

The special guest speaker for the workshop was Dr. Farhan Rauf– a public health physician & researcher, associated with NVP as a volunteer consultant. His thoroughly interactive session aimed to engage the teachers in informative discussions where the teachers were able to voice out their opinions and experiences so that others could learn from it too. During the workshop, Dr. Farhan Rauf took the liberty to measure the teachers’ average stress levels through a stress test and to inform them about the need to maintain their stress levels for a healthy life.

Through this event, teachers were able to identify significant signs of depression in students and ways to overcome them. The lecture emphasized upon the mental health issues faced by students when starting or changing school, making new friends, going through puberty and preparing for exams etc. The rest of the discussion was based on identifying, preventing and managing mental health disturbances in young students.

        17884648_1741690229455620_3658344362467691182_n 17861758_1741690492788927_1182088610627826651_n

This was an eye-opening session for the teachers who were previously unaware of the severity of depression and anxiety faced by the students in the classroom. Many of the teachers were very glad to have attended this workshop while Ms. Nida Habib, a teacher at Justuju Welfare Organization stated:

“We are conducting the Workshop of Teachers on Saturday 15th April 2017. This will help our teachers to analyse the stress level in them and will help our students to reduce the stress level and focus more on academics”.

Overall it was a highly informative and much-needed workshop to talk about mental health issues and to remove the stigmas associated with it, in order to create a mentally and physically healthy world for everyone. NVP aimed to reach as many people as possible through this initiative and was indirectly responsible for spreading the message across to more than 9000 students under the 80+ teachers that were present for the workshop.

        17883552_1741690572788919_110278098807710010_n 17757332_1741690746122235_834803845671775672_n

Ms. Shahnaz Hunzai, the Project Head at Zindagi Trust SMB Fatima Jinnah Govt. Girls School applauded the collaborated efforts of National Volunteer Programme and Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf by saying:

“Glad that we have volunteers like Dr. Farhan and organizations like NVP who step forward in conducting workshops on much-needed topics that our teachers were previously unaware of.”

We are grateful to Miss. Shahnaz Hunzai from Zindagi Trust for providing us with the premises and other assistance for us to successfully host the Mental Health Workshop. We wish to host many such events with many other beneficiary institutions in the near future.

“I would definitely like if NVP arranges such informative workshops in the future too with the topic being according to teachers and students mental interaction.” – Miss Samia Shahid, Urdu Teacher at Behbud Secondary School, Kalapul.

“I liked this informative session. It helped us learn how to fight stress and to feel better.” – Miss Darakshan Anjum, Higher Secondary Teacher at Zindagi Trust SMB Fatima Jinnah Govt. School

“Such informative workshops help teachers to understand the various methods of teaching.” – Miss Irrum Shakeel, Computer Teacher at Behbud Secondary School, Kalapul.

“We want NVP to arrange many more informative workshops on health and student related topics such as child personality development, cheating culture, parenting styles and teacher behaviour.” – Sana Farooqui, RLCC Coordinator of Outreach Program

The RLCC Youth Career Fair

The Ra’ana Liaquat Craftmen’s Colony (RLCC) Youth Career Fair 


“Volunteers with respective industry experience proved to be of immense help for our students. We wish to affirm this relationship by inviting volunteers again in our next academic year  –Hamida Rahman Khokar (Project Administrator)

Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony (RLCC), a partner Beneficiary Institution of National Volunteer Programme held a Career Fair on the 26th of February 2017. This programme aimed to empower the youth by creating awareness and provide career opportunities, scholarships and skills training programmes. The event was held to allow all grades from class VII to Intermediate level and surrounding areas interested community members and parents, to gain career related guidance and scholarship opportunities by visiting the exhibits of invited partner institutions. The institutions that took part in the event besides NVP were:  Hashoo Foundation, DIMC, Hunar Foundation, Hands Org., Institute of Clinical Psychology, Aga Khan University, Allama Iqbal Open University, Aman Foundation, Dr. Essa Laboratory.

IMG_4262                  IMG_4301                IMG_4332                                                                                                                                   

The National Volunteer Programme inducted volunteers as Career Counselors for the event. NVP volunteers, Majid Akhtar, Fida Muhammad, Kashif Qasim, Muhammad Arslan and Jawad Khan Unar, with majors in the field of Banking, IT, Media services and the Armed forces, shared their experience with secondary students of RLCC and guided them along their career path. Not only did the volunteers guide the students but they also spent time counseling the parents where they engaged them in one-to-one conversations.



Overall it was a splendid event and NVP looks forward to participating in many such events in the future!

V-03 Creating an Impact – Farhan Awan

 Personal & Professional Development

I worked at DoctHERs as a finance officer; my role was to basically take care of the audit work, since a lot of the funding is from USaid and other agencies, so they need an audited record of where the funding is being utilized. My experience with them was in two parts, the first one was relevant to my qualification and some professional development. The other part was being part of a team which is making a significant progress in providing quality, accessible healthcare to the marginalized communities. Since not everyone can afford quality healthcare, I think this is a very noble cause. It allows us volunteers to pay back and help our community.

                             NewOffice1   InHouse Training 1

I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to learn and grow with the hardworking staff of DoctHers, I learned a great deal about the finance function under the supervision of the finance manager, Mr.Sarfaraz, who was very cooperative and supportive throughout my term. Not only did I grow as a professional, I got the opportunity to observe and become familiar with the culture of a start-up which is well on its way to success. I would like to specially thank Makkiya Jawed and Mr. Sarfaraz for their support throughout my internship. It was a joy working and spending time with Dr.Sara, Dr.Iffat, Mehak, Zohaib, Adil, Asif and Khalid bhai. I will InshaAllah stay in touch.

Farhan Awan – Volunteer Finance Officer at DoctHERs