A Youngest volunteer who left behind a great sense of inspiration

A volunteer by any means is praiseworthy and have the right to get acknowledged. But a few out of many volunteers are true gems; they go one step forward aiming to bring about significant difference in the society.

NVP deploys volunteers round the year. Some of them give a deep touch and turn out to be more actively involved. Few among them are helpful in bringing differential impact while others stay longer to pledge their time in multiple activities. Volunteers like Tooba Shams are considered to be among those star volunteers.

Tooba is an A-level student at ALCOTT College. She found NVP through Facebook. In a quest to contribute for community work, she registered herself as volunteer. We matched her profile to connect her at Street To School (STS).

NVP liaised with STS to facilitate the volunteers during their term examination. STS believes in providing quality education with zero tolerance on cheating. In order to revive the legacy of STS, NVP volunteers were assigned for the activity to serve as invigilator examination.

The drill was to conduct exams; from supervising till preparing results, a week-long activity that required volunteers to show their spirits and remain vigilant throughout the activity.

What drives this youngest girl a desire to serve community?

In the image, Tooba can be seen on very left accompanied by her mother, Farhat Horera. Farhat has been supportive for her daughter’s passion of serving the underprivileged. While in conversation with Tooba, she mentioned that her own exams were near to date, despite the fact she was still ready to take part in this short-term activity.

Community needs help. It’s you and me who can support them with whatever we have, no matter very little!

Being the youngest volunteer among all, Tooba remained punctual and showed her sincerity towards the assignment throughout the spell of exams. She was so into it that she couldn’t miss the result day which was, nonetheless, not mandatory for volunteers to attend. She exchanged words with parents and cherished her accomplishing moments with students of school.

National Volunteer Programme is overwhelmed to have contribution from these young and devoted individuals who is exemplary for our youth, specifically girls who engage themselves to mankind service despite of commitment towards their own study programs.

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