A salute to the volunteering spirit of Karachi

12644925_1561832177441427_6513277843255580228_nNational Volunteer Programme was launched at the Karachi Literature Festival 2016. Our stall was continuously busy with visitors. All in all more than 400 people visited our stall and approximately 250 signed up to volunteer at a beneficiary institution in Karachi.

The volunteers who registered are from varying backgrounds: sports trainers; Principals of prestigious schools; doctors; environmental consultants, lawyers etc. We are excited at the prospect of seeing volunteers placed at many of the small institutions which always need a helping hand.  

In the course of the establishment of the National Volunteer Programme, we have been in touch with both small and large beneficiary institutions which have professed a need of having volunteers work for them. The needs range from maintaining the website, developing proposals, mentoring children and adults etc.  Each institution has needs specific to the size of organization they are as well as the beneficiary focus of their institution.

A volunteer with the specific skill set can meet the needs if they are given a clear job description to work from. The concept of National Volunteer Programme is to create a match which not only satisfies the volunteer but it also satisfies the beneficiary institution. This is done through a structured process which enables us to monitor the volunteer at the institution as well as value his/her service.  The volunteer will be awarded with a certificate for volunteering a period of a minimum of 24 hours (which is approximately 3 hours a week). If the volunteer continues to volunteer with our programme, his/her hours are accumulated and exciting giveaways are available at 50, 100 and 200 hours.

These tokens of appreciations compare little though to the overall sense of personal satisfaction a volunteer feels on helping institutions in the upkeep of Pakistan. In addition to feeling satisfied, the volunteering helps a person improve his skills – communication, leadership, as well as technical. This adds to the overwhelming learning experience.

The National Volunteer Programme offers a state of the art matching methodology which makes it easier for the volunteer to work in a cause which he/she feels closer to. This could be an NGO working in relation to human rights, environmental protection, senior citizens and so on. It helps us value the good work done by these institutions and learn a little more about our country. We have all become a little insular in our daily lives. Meeting people working for Pakistan and their beneficiaries has made me humble and proud of the selfless work done against all odds. Now you can contribute in your own way by volunteering your skills as a way of showing compassion for those in need.

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