NVP got me to learn things I didn’t find in books

A dialogue with Zoha Khaliq

Zoha Khaliq is enrolled at PAF KIET under BS Accounting and Finance programme. She reached NVP to seek internship opportunity with an aim to gain practical knowledge of her field of interest. NVP team took interview and assigned her to work at The Liver Foundation as Finance Internee. Here are her views upon completion of 8-weeks internship at TLF.

Hello! Please brief a little about yourself and your academic background?

Myself Zoha Khaliq, I am pursuing BS Accounting and Finance from PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology.

How you discovered NVP?

I learned about NVP on Facebook. I signed up as a volunteer and kept receiving various volunteer opportunities on my email. Finally I got a position related to my field i.e. finance.

How has been your first interaction with NVP team?

I applied for a position and was invited for an orientation session followed by an interview at NVP office. Volunteers presented in a session were from diverse background and wanted to work for a cause. I got inspiration from NVP team manager.

What was your motive to join NVP?

I am studying in final phase of graduation programme. I wanted to apply for internship to gain practical knowledge and learn technics to prepare financial reports. My preference was to join a position that offers gender equality workplace for females.

What is your role at The Liver Foundation?

At the beginning, since I am a newbie here, I got a task like making ledgers, posting entries, reconciling the statements, and getting to know how accounting is done on practical basis. I worked on new software and tried my best to get expertise over it to assist in my career ahead.

Share your insights about working under a supervision of a fellow chartered accountant?

Mr. Azizul-haq, CEO of TLF is a fellow chartered accountant with more than five decades of work experience. When I first met him, I found him a charismatic person and humble indeed. He assured me that I will earn a vast exposure of finance here at TLF, which is so true. I got to learn many things from his experience that are not in the academic books. Sir Aziz is a mentor for me. He gave me multiple sessions to broaden my professional skills and practical knowledge. I really look forward to work more for TLF and learn more under his supervision. I am sure this will improve my chances to get a good job in future.

Would you like to give any message for those newly joined NVP as volunteers?

First, I would like to thank NVP for assigning me opportunity to prove myself. Without the support of NVP, I would have not been able to get internship at this prestige organization like The Liver Foundation, and also couldn’t have a chance to work under the mentorship of Sir Aziz. I would strongly suggest every individual to join NVP and empower yourself with knowledge. NVP is a place of opportunities. Get a taste of volunteerism in your lives, and your wishes will come true. It is an enlightening experience that boosts your confidence, heal your souls and aspire you to next level of your career.