Run Together – Win Together

About Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP)

For over 23 years, Special Olympics Pakistan has used sports as a way to fight for the rights of people with an intellectual disability. Through the common and simple vehicle of sports, Special Olympics has helped bring about attitudinal change in the way people with intellectual disabilities view themselves and are viewed by others, replacing exclusion and fear with respect, acceptance, and inclusion.

4th Annual Unified Marathon

Special Olympics Pakistan organized its 4th Annual Unified Marathon this year on February 17, 2019, after receiving an overwhelming response in the last three years. This marathon is launched each year to celebrate inclusion and cherish the spirit of togetherness fighting stigma and discrimination for the differently-abled people.

How National Volunteer Programme came in the story?

National Volunteer Programme was contacted by SOP team to deliver a group of sincere volunteers performing duties as Event Management Associate. The responsibilities included registration of participants, keeping a check on the timeline of activities, crowd management, and media management.

Volunteers were given tasks parallel to their expertise and interest. Let’s hear expressions from volunteers about how did they feel while assigned at SOP’s Unified Marathon!

  • It gave me hands-on experience of event management at large scale. I would highly encourage people to volunteer.
  • I was accountable for the safety of the crowd, looking after all the safety measures to maintain a smooth flow of the event. I really look forward to working with NVP on such projects. My duty was to make sure the entry of registered participants. The activity inspired me much in building up relationships with community people and expand professional network. A proud NVPian!
  • The volunteer opportunity helped me to groom my communication and planning skills. Overall it was a wonderful experience!
  • It developed a team-work spirit and learning about how the not-for-profit industry works. A wholesome experience.

Project Manager
Special Olympics Pakistan

“NVP played an important role in supporting our Annual Unified Marathon 2019 and we are proud of having them on board for the Special Olympics Movements.”