We rise by lifting others

Glow of voluntary services before she departs for higher studies in U.S.

Wasta Fatimah is one of our outshined volunteers who worked on two assignments simultaneously. She worked at Street To School (STS) and Robin Hood Army (RHA).

Earlier, Wasta completed her A level studies from PAF chapter in 2016-17 to apply for higher studies in engineering at the United States. She felt her career was critically important to contribute to her society and looked for an opportunity that suited her interest and availability. Wasta joined our team in November last year and decided to contribute most of her available time for NVP campaign. She has been very passionate about community service.

Being a reason of someone’s smile

She picked two portfolios:
EDUCATION & LITERACY – This supported her keen interest to working with children.
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – This supported her desire to give back to society in the convenient way that NVP offers.

On her departure in January to Dallas, U.S.A. to study mechanical engineering at the University of Texas, she talked about her volunteering experience and how it helped her build a strong network of friends from various institutions.

“Liaising with institutions of my interest and volunteering simultaneously at both community organizations was not possible without NVP. It gives immense pleasure when you find yourself being a reason of someone’s smile and it feels that I have gained what I needed.”