Can’t Volunteer because of hectic schedules on weekdays? Don’t worry! Robin Hood Army has got your back.

Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants across to the less fortunate people. The campaign started in August 2014 from Delhi and has now reached to more than 10 countries across the globe.

The Robin Hood Army carries its food drive on every Sunday, which is great! As it provides opportunity for all those who aspire to serve community and get connected with the less fortunate, but are tied up by their hectic schedules on weekdays.

The group of young, highly motivated and disciplined people makes up the RHA Team.

They visit Orphanages, Slums Areas, and Hospitals. Once they are there, the team assemble children in the vicinity, interact with them and play games with them. The food is served in highly dignified manner, assuring the beneficiaries that there is enough for everyone and discipline has to be maintained in order to enjoy the food. Proper arrangements are made for sitting, and serving.

Recently they announced ‘ROBIN OF THE WEEK’ award, where we noticed the name of NVP volunteer Noman Ghauri.

Noman is a Corporate professional associated with A.F. Ferguson & Co as Tax Assistant. Being an Employee, the only spare time he has is on weekends which he graciously spends volunteering and that is highly commendable.

Volunteering with RHA is a fulfilling experience in terms of having internal satisfaction that is derived out of serving the deprived. It also reminds us that how fortunate we are and we must not take anything for granted. It is a noble cause which adds to your learning in terms of team building, event management and enhances your leadership skills. RHA’s Karachi team says that they are only 2,493 smiles away from serving 200,000 people. NVP is proud of having RHA on board as partner institution.

NVP Newsletter – Issue 19

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With great pleasure, we present to you all the 19th Issue of NVP Newsletter!

Newsletter 19th Edition

Read for yourself how volunteers are making our society a better place and seeking internal satisfaction at the same time.

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