The National Volunteer Programme (NVP) presents a way of connecting the human resources needs of a charity nongovernmental institution or a not for profit – the beneficiary institutions, and the skills and interests of the volunteers who would like to make a difference, and companies interested in volunteering their employees for a particular cause.

Institutions often have multiple and diverse needs – in administration, human resources management, training employees, teaching beneficiaries, fundraising, website maintenance etc. All of these needs require a professional skill set which can be difficult to afford with a limited budget which has a primary objective to cater to beneficiaries and communities.

Our programmes represent the volunteer opportunities available in various beneficiary institutions which have signed on to the National Volunteer Programme. The beneficiary institutions have been divided into different categories depending on the type of work performed by the beneficiary institution.

NVP offers clear benefits to all involved – the volunteer, the company and the community. The benefits can be varied and by no means exhaustive.

1. Brings in much required professional assistance at no cost
2. Increases the publicity of your as volunteers tell others about your institution
3. Promotes self-help awareness as communities take greater pride in their own development
4. Provides emotional support to those in need but with no options
5. Builds capacity of your organization and can also develop the required skills
6. Brings diverse groups in a community closer together through greater internal interaction, networking and respect
7. Gives self-respect to the marginalized in society
8. There is a clear potential for scaling up operations